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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jauh di mata dekat di hati...

I have been away from my family for 11days now. By the time I reach home it will be a complete 12 days. Currently I am in my hotel room in Oslo, 12midnight...alone and cold. It's 12c degrees outside. I just had a cup of latte a while ago with a friend, slightly tired but not sleepy. Just finished packing my suitcase, making sure I leave out the clothes that I want to wear the next day. My flight is 2pm tomorrow, luckily the bus to airport is just a walk away.

The last time I was on a business trip was about a year ago, and it was only couple of days or so. This is the longest time I have been away from my kids & Haris. I tried not to think too much about it, just sink into my work. Each morning I would called ibu and had a quick chat with her and the kids (the kids are with ibu & ayah for the week of school holiday). Then followed by a call to Haris. Time difference is 6 hours behind from Malaysia, so by the time I called home it's the morning time for me and its in the afternoon there. Haris wasn't so keen for me to take more than a week away. He would prefer I spend as less away from the kids. I would prefer that too but this trip is different, I need to be here whether I like it or not.

The good thing behind all this, I realized that how much Haris misses me. He text me each morning to tell me how he feels and wish I'd come home soon. It boost my spirit sky high knowing that I am needed and appreciated. The last time he'd gone mellow was 11 years ago when he had to join his family to UK for 2 weeks. He was attending his sister's graduation followed by a week vacation to Egypt. I could still remember how agonizing it was for not able to see him. He cut his trip short and came home 4 days earlier. That wonderful time away was the turning point for both of us. We decided to get married. We realized that we couldn't possibly be away again.

This time, I can sense how lost he felt. At 1st he was upset with me for taking away the routine. He blame me ofcourse for causing his loneliness...with no kids around and me not being there. But what's important I discovered here that we never felt so lost then we ever did. We needed each other even more and we truly appreciate what we have. I am glad that something good come out from this. It is painful to be away from your loved ones. Oslo is a beautiful town, more so during summer. But I can't seem to enjoy it cos I can't share it with Haris & the kids. Each time I saw something nice and beautiful, my heart wish that I could experience the feelings with them. I wish they are here with me.

I am coming home soon, less than 24 hours I will be on a plane heading to Bangkok and then back home in KL. Will reach 12.15pm at KLIA 24th June 2010. With Haris waiting for me at the entrance gate to take me home to the kids.